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Hair Removal for Men

Hair Free Care Free treats men as well as women, usually in the following areas of the body to permanently remove unwanted hair. We always use one-use-only, sterile, disposable probes for each treatment to insure cleanliness and guard against contagion. We perform medical sterilization on all instruments involved in hair removal.


Electrolysis for Men

We safely treat all areas of the body of our male clients with a warm but professional attitude. Privacy and attention to our client's personal needs—avoiding embarrassment and creating an atmosphere of comfort and well-being—are especially important for our male clients. At Hair Free, Dare Free we are very sensitive to these concerns.

Below is a partial list of male body areas usually treated:

  • Brows
  • Ears
  • Arms & Wrists
  • Nose
  • Fingers & Toes
  • Abdomen
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Neck


Our laser equipment has an innovative cooling process that protects the skin during treatment by cooling the upper layers. This increases the male patient's comfort during the process, yet effectively treats his unwanted hair. This is especially beneficial for men with delicate, sensitive skin. The areas treated with Laser are much the same as with electrolysis (above)to permanently reduce and remove unwanted hair.







Our Approach

Hair Removal

We at Hair Free, Care Free understand that when it comes to hair removal, our clients often need more than just expert technique and professional attitude—they also need emotional support as they deal with their unwanted hair problem... this is something that raises personal issues with which we are prepared to help our clients cope.


At Hair Free, Care Free you can expect:

  • Totally private, personalized service
  • Warm, comfortable environment
  • Professional atmosphere to feel relaxed and at ease
  • Expert, delicate technique
    (from over 40 years of experience)
  • Increased confidence that you will overcome
    your unwanted hair problem


Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, we assess the best course of treatment and tailor it to the needs and schedule of each client. In this first session, we analyze the skin, the history of hair growth, the probable cause(s) of the excess hair and additionally, we discuss the length and frequency of treatment with the client and address all questions and doubts that may arise.

The consultation is free, and will last approximately 30 minutes. It consists of 15–20 minutes of discussion, followed by 10–15 minutes of electrolysis or laser treatment.