Looking Good, Feeling Great

Providing electrolysis services to men and women since 1960

Living with unwanted hair is a frustrating problem that can cause embarrassment, emotional stress and low self esteem. No one should ever have to feel this way because of excess hair on on his or her body. Everyone should be able to look good and feel good about themselves all of the time, and getting rid of unwanted hair easily and professionally is a great way to start achieving that feeling of confident well-being.


Electrolysis / Laser Hair Removal

Whatever your issues—dark or light skin; curly, fine or coarse hair; painful ingrown hairs and bumps—Hair Free Care Free electrolysis and laser treatments allows you to be free of unwanted hair forever!
We offer both electrolysis and laser hair removal services. The technique chosen depends on which areas of the body will be treated and on your personal needs. Many choose to use both methods to quickly o achieve their goal of removing unwanted hair.
Regardless of the treatment you choose, Hair Free, Care Free saves you the time, money and frustration of temporary, painful shaving, waxing, tweezing, bleaching creams and depilatories.


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